Tecnical equipment

The equipment at CABLEMUSICAL has been choosen for two reasons: quality and reliability. Just because we put our equipment into transport boxes does not mean we do acept any compromises. Our recording equipment is very flexible and we are able to adapt to any requirements. Also the conection to video or movil units does not mean any problem.

Mixer - Preamps

2 x Merging Hapi, 24 mic input
(24 bit, 192 kHz)
Ravenna/AES67 Network

Yamaha DM 1000 (24 bit AD/DA Converter, 48 Input, 8 Aux Send, 8 Aux Return, 8 Bus)
Dante AUD2 card

Ramsa/Panasonic WR-DA7 (24 bit AD/DA Converter, 32 Input, 6 Aux Send, 6 Aux Return, 8 Bus)

Soundcraft K1 (8+4-4-2), analog

Lake People F 35 MKII

RME Fireface 800

Behringer SRC 24/96Ultramatch Pro

Recording + editing

Magix Sequoia 14 + Laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro

SADIE LRX hard disc recorder and editor

Tascam MX 2424, (24bit, 96kHz)

RME Fireface 800


Monitor and efects

Genelec 8330 surround
+ Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™ 3.0)

Subwoofer Genelec 7350

Genelec 1030A

IQ 1403AC + amplificador NAD

Sennheiser HD 565

SennheiserHD 600

Beyer DT 770

Lexicon 300

Lexicon PCM 91

Behringer V-Verb Pro Rev2496

Plugin Reverb SIR 2


Talkback y Red Light independent with producer unit

Telephone between Producer and conducter


Complete setup with 65 headphones, amplifiers and cabels to send playback to a complete sinfonic orchestra.

Cables and stands

CAT5e cable 75 meter

Various analog multicore 50 m, each with 4, 6, 8 and 10 channels

All cables Gotham balanced

Stands from 1m to 9m high