Editing and digital postproduction

The editing and mixing of recorded material is made in our studio located in San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid). Here we have an acoustically optimized control room that allows you listen to music in the best possible acoustic conditions.

The complete process from assembling the editing plan, through the editing itself, to the modifications that will be made to the mix, is done in the studio in a relaxed atmosphere without the pressures and bustle of the recording.

Paneles acústicos

The person who is doing this job must have a trained ear for both musical issues (pitch, rhythm, etc.) and technical issues (noise, audible edits, cross fades etc.). With all the possibilities that technology gives us today we must try not to lose sight of the music and its interpretation.

Good editing has to show the best side of the performer, but how is this achieved? This is different for each player, depending on the project and the music recorded. We try to be flexible and responsive to the needs of each specific project.

The way of doing this in classical music is to choose and unite different takes of the same musical material in a way that their linking won’t be noticed. We rely on the material that has been played in the recording, we never create in postproduction notes that have not been taken at the time of recording.


The multitrack recording, with the whole ensemble performing together, but using main microphones and spot microphones to support groups or soloists, permits changes in the mix during postproduction. Within limits, we can alter relationships between instrument’s intensities or perceived distances all thanks to the multitrack recording.