Personal Information

CABLEMUSICAL was founded in Spain in 1995 and from the beginning its activity was centered on the recording and production of classical music. Its director, Bertram Kornacher, studied the prestigious “Tonmeister” degree at Berlin University (UdK Berlin), a course that provides a wide knowledge of both musical and technical subjects and encompasses many practical recordings as music balancer and producer. As a performer he also studied guitar and piano. After several years working in Germany as producer and sound engineer at Schalloran Studio in Berlin and Radio WDR in Cologne, he moved 1995 to Spain and established the recording company CABLEMUSICAL. He is member of the Verband deutscher Tonmeister Vdt.

The fundamental objective of the company is to use the best environment, both human and technical, in order to get the very finest interpretations and performances of works on to a CD.

Professor of post-production, recording, editing and sound reinforcement in the degree of Sonology at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid (RCSMM) since 2021.